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Karaam Lebanese Restaurant

71 New Broadway, Ealing, Greater London, W5 5AL


"Lebanon is known for its generosity - or as we call it, Karaam. That is what we have established our business on and we will continue to be generous with our food, service, and quality of presentation. Karaam was established in 2005 by Samir Hamze a well known restaurateur with a 12 year experience in a five star Mayfair restaurant, and famous for his customer relation and complementing the customers with an excellent service. His co-owner is Haisam El- Ayache, an experienced chef with over 12 years experience in a five star Mayfair Restaurant, and he is well know for his good tastes in food selection, cooking, quality, and presentation".

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What our members say about Karaam Lebanese Restaurant

Valerie L.


Just had a very satisfactory meal for the first time at this restaurant. It certainly will not be the last. Very tasty food - good service and a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

The Gourmet Society

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