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Pancho Tapas Bar

The Cellar, 5-6 The Knibbs, Smith Street, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4UW


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Pancho occupies an atmospheric setting tucked away in cellars off Smith Street, and does as the name says: it's a place for great quality tapas. That's not quite the whole story, though, because Pancho does tapas literally. There's a common misconception that tapas, being a Spanish style of eating, only includes Spanish dishes - your patatas bravas, paella, squid and so on. In fact, tapas refers to the style of sharing small tasting platters, and Pancho supplements its range of excellent Spanish flavours with eclectic international tapas dishes, including flavours from Thailand, Sweden and the States.

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What our members say about Pancho Tapas Bar

Sarah G.

Been to this restaurant three times and gets better each time. Fantastic food, friendly staff and great atmosphere in a cool cavern setting.

Aran S.

Perfect! Good food in a nicely styled place with a pleasant atmosphere - we even got to talk to the chef.

We'll definitely be coming back.

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