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Shahrzad Persian Restaurant

281 Ballards Lane, North Finchley, London, Greater London, N12 8NR

Middle Eastern

Known and respected for its provision of authentic traditional Iranian cuisine, Shahrzad Persian Restaurant in Finchley London is a unique eatery with a worthy reputation. Exquisite Persian flavours are faithfully reproduced by talented hands hard at work in Shahrzad’s kitchen. Starters are permeated with modest ingredients such as crisp lettuce, silky Persian yogurt, fresh mint and tarragon, and tangy pickles and olives that have potent impact when partnered with a host of produce and meats. The combination provides the perfect balance of texture and flavour to the entrees. The menu of mains is wide-ranging, with many of the meat dishes served on skewers for authentic presentation. The choice of main courses includes marinated lamb fillet, and saffron minced lamb. To complement the many lamb dishes are poultry alternatives. Persian stew with walnuts, pumpkin and pomegranate is a delightful dish, whilst equally sublime is a traditional Iranian saffron rice infused with almond and sweetened orange peel. Classic desserts of Persian ice cream and a selection of delightful Persian sweets round off a delicious meal well, especially when enjoyed alongside a pot of Traditional Persian tea. A selection of wines and a choice of tasty creative cocktails add a little kick to conclude. To enhance the charm of a Middle Eastern dining experience, Shahrzad Persian Restaurant in Finchley has created a pleasing locale in which to do so. A friendly atmosphere results in a relaxed feel within the restaurant’s spacious dining area. Unique eye-catching wall art is a conversation starter amongst guests, whilst at the same time alluding to the venue’s Persian heritage. Whether seeking a unique venue to celebrate, ruminate or collaborate, Shahrzad Persian Restaurant in Finchley offers a memorable dining experience designed to impress.

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