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The Purple Rooms

1076 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, B28 8AD


The story began in 1988, when Mr. Choudhury saw an opportunity in the area to create a unique dining experience for his guests by offering great food, quality service in a friendly traditional atmosphere. The name itself brings a sense of ambiguity, an intentional effect from Faiz.

When dining, you will find yourselves in a stylish and comfortable surrounding. Whilst you relax and thrill your taste buds, our devoted friendly team will ensure that every experience is a fulfilling one.

As well as having a fantastic management team, countless accolades, a significant reason for our success is due to having a committed kitchen team since the beginning, ensuring that their menu always reflects their commitment to serving high quality traditional food.

At The Purple Rooms you will discover exquisite Indian cuisine that is cooked with an exotic collection of herbs and spices distinctly blended in the traditional ways of East India and Bangladesh. Many of the dishes will have their own distinctive flavours and aromas specially prepared for you. Traditional cooking techniques are used so that you can appreciate the flavours from the Pan Asian continent.

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What our members say about The Purple Rooms

Dave H.


I'm well pleased that the Purple Rooms is now with the Gourmet Society. I used to go here all the time but somehow ended up hardly ever going. Then I saw it on here and thought I'd give it another go. I went last night and as I soon as saw Mr Choudhary (I think he's the owner) smiling when I walked through the door I remembered why I always used to come here. As in the past the food was great. Some of the dishes aren't quite as hot as I like them, but they do keep the flavours rich and tasty. The service is absolutely great. It's not overly formal and the waiters are all a great laugh. With my Gourmet Card I saved a bit of cash and had great night at the Purple Rooms in Hall Green.

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