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The Rare Cow Writtle

11 Chequers Road, Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3NG


At 'The Rare Cow', they have a passion for great steaks.So what makes a great tasting steak? Firstly, the beef!

Unfortunately, finding great beef is getting harder, farms have cross bred cattle and many supermarkets/butchers use techniques that do not make happy cattle.

In many cases cattle are kept in restricted spaces, fed genetically modified corns and given growth hormones so that they grow fast and are slaughtered young with a pretty sad life just to supply consumers demanding more and more cheap beef.

As for the taste, it is simply a case of "you get what you pay for". However, thankfully, not all farms are run this way and at The Rare cow, they source their beef from Pure British rare breeds like long horn that are at least 30 months old before slaughter.

Their happiness in life is what makes great steak so The Rare Cow is committed to this motto and ensure that the beef they source has lived in open spaces, are naturally grass fed and are not subjected to any growth hormones. And importantly, that the farm has been inspected and attributed with the RSPCA award scheme.

Talking of which it's back to ?So what makes a great tasting steak??

At The Rare Cow, they are committed to providing the highest quality beef but seasoning is essential to ensure the perfect steak.

The team at The Rare Cow searched the globe and kept experimenting until they discovered ?season heaven?, a mixture that includes local salts from Maldon as well as the more exotic like Himalayan and Lava Salt.

The result? Well the answer is in the unique taste, so you will have to come and taste for yourself.

Many will agree that steaks taste best when cooked on BBQ?s that use real charcoal so that is what is used at The Rare Cow, an indoor BBQ pit and char-grill.

With the opening of ?The Rare Cow? to taste a fantastic steak , an expensive trip to London will no longer be the only option as now we hope you will agree The Only Way is Essex!

Their philosophy, belief and mission is simple:

To source the finest and in many cases, local ingredients

To cook them to perfection

Unless impossible to only use fresh, not frozen ingredients

Their food will be served at your table with happiness and passion.

They look forward to welcoming you to The Rare Cow very soon!

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