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The Ambrette

44 King Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1QE


Located in Margate, the Ambrette is an exquisite Indian restaurant that pioneers a fresh and unique approach to fine dining, leaving many customers completely intrigued after a first visit and keen to make a second.

Maybe it is something about Margate that inspires artistic interpretation, with the town being the birth place and sometime inspiration for its famous daughter, Tracey Emin - but it is no misstep to describe Chef Dev Biswals' food as equally a creative effort.

Ambrette's head chef has created a menu for Men of Kent to get a real sense of what Indian cuisine can be when set free under the blue skies of Kent. He has combined fresh, local and sustainable ingredients with aromatic herbs and spices to produce dishes that are full of flavour and are beautifully presented. He even utilises the restaurant's surroundings, with many dishes featuring ingredients that have been foraged from the woodlands of Kent.

Highlights of Ambrette, Margate's menu include pork stir-fried with broccoli and served with apple chutney, spiced dauphinoise potatoes and homemade crackling, as well as the quinoa and mushroom biriyani accompanied by chargrilled paneer, kale, roasted cauliflower and home-pickled carrots.

The menu is rich and full of flavour and really has something for everyone, with vegetarians looked after particularly well. Dev has also created a range of desserts that don't let up on the relentless onslaught of creativity in presentation and flavouring; the chocolate samosa with chai jelly and cardamom sauce is most definitely a must try.

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