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Chowdhury's Curry Lounge

206 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 3FH


Chowdhury's Curry Lounge is a family affair, with the original seeds being sown in Southampton by Habibur Rahman Chowdhury in 1960. Since then the Chowdhury's have gone from strength to strength: building on long experience, the restaurant here serves exemplary Indian cuisine in classically welcoming surroundings. The menu spans the gamut of old favourites, but also touches on a range of lesser-known specialities. It is worth going a little outside of your standard choices at Chowdhury's: we would like to mention the lamb naagraaj, in this connection. Along with its sister restaurants, Chowdhury's Curry Lounge sets very high standards which, it seems, are invariably borne out in practice.

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