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Nizam Indian Restaurant

139 South Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4LY


Nizam is an Indian with a difference. Settled on South Street in Haywards Heath, it occupies a newly refurbished space dressed with bright white walls and stylish furniture.

Over the decades, Nizam's menu has evolved into a comprehensive overview of fine Indian cuisine. Tandoori dishes start the mains. Chicken tikka, lamb shashlik, king prawn, they're all cooked in a traditional clay oven over charcoal to give it a distinctive barbecued flavour. Vegetables like baby potatoes, green pepper, tomatoes and mushrooms can also be cooked tandoori style.

The Nizam specials menu is where diners will find the lesser known curries. Murgh khurchun is fried with garlic pickle and hot red chillies. There's a Goan-style masala, too, that's got a bit more of a kick than the usual milder masala curries. Presentation is excellent whichever dish you choose, but most especially if the chosen dish is the korahi chicken, which is served sizzling in a pan.

Side dishes and starters at Nizam are a delicious mix of meat, fish and vegetable plates. Samosas, spiced salmon and honey mustard king prawns are all present and correct. There's also a wealth of vegetable sides. Aubergine bhajis offer a different take on the usual onion bhajis and sag paneer pairs spinach with homemade cheese. Diners can also pick and mix their way through the Nizam menu of sundries. It's a collection of the classics, from special fried rice dishes to naan bread stuffed with fruit and meat. This extensive menu is the reason the Nizam been a Haywards Heath staple for more than 30 years.

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