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Latest News: Members now get up to 40% off Cinema Tickets!

Thought the Gourmet Society was all about food? Think again! Now you really can make an evening of it, with up to 40% off cinema tickets, too.

Remember: When using discounted cinema tickets, you must have a physical voucher or ecode to use. Your discounts will not be accepted if you simply present your Gourmet Society card at your chosen cinema.

Get up to 50% off meals at great restaurants then head to the cinema and get up to 40% off admission as well! You can use your membership to get up to 40% off tickets at over 300 cinemas across the country, including big names and local independents.

Getting discounted tickets is super easy - here's how to do it:

1. Log in to your Member's area

2. Click 'Get Cinema Tickets'

3. Select your cinema and purchase your voucher or ecode.

4. Turn up to the box office (or if you have an ecode, you can book online), and enjoy the film!

Whatever you watch, enjoy the discounts!

Please note that some of our memberships do not include access to cinema discounts. If you are experiencing difficulties purchasing them, please contact us and we will see if they are included in your membership